Dealing with magnetic data at low latitudes

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Dealing with magnetic data at low latitudes

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Hi Geophysicists,

I recently published a couple of articles on my blog @ dealing with processing and interpretation of magnetic data acquired at low latitudes and containing effects of remanence, etc.

I finished up deciding that Geosoft's Magnetization Vector Inversion, when used in conjunction with Iterative Re-weighting Inversion focusing and selecting an appropriate scalar quantity to use for mapping the results, provided the best solution (at least the best that is readily available to most practitioners; I'm always happy to look at recent developments from academia, service providers, etc). Rather than focusing on studies using model data, I chose to use a warts-and-all ground magnetic dataset, to see how different methods perform on real data.

Take a look and let me know what you think: ... latitudes/ ... uning-mvi/

While you're there, take a look at some of the other pieces I published on my blog, as well as the rest of my website. I'm always looking for work, or even a full-time job in the right company. But I also like to hear about experiences other people had dealing with the same problems in geophysics and exploration generally.

I also summarized the material from these two blog posts in an article on LinkedIn intended for a more general audience (though I never seem to resist the temptation to go in-depth...): ... de-johnson



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Re: Dealing with magnetic data at low latitudes

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Great contents. Keep up the good work!

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