citation stacking in geophysical journals - is it a worry?

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citation stacking in geophysical journals - is it a worry?

Post by jeepster »

I came across a paper in JGE about seismic noise reduction, which looked quite impressive. I pondered coding up the algorithm to try it out.
But then 2 years later, the Journal published this disclaimer:
"The Editors-in-Chief have been alerted to concerns of citation stacking in the above paper.
The Editors-in-Chief have contacted the authors, who have requested time to address specific concerns.
In the interim, this Expression of Concern should be taken to indicate that any claimed discoveries
presented in the article named above may not be reliable."

I thought that citation stacking is done by journals, to make themselves seem more important. Instead they are
suggesting the authors did it. But does it follow that the claims in the paper were too good to be true?

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Re: citation stacking in geophysical journals - is it a worry?

Post by GuyM »

At a guess citation stacking by individuals would be more about manipulating their own P-index through references.

There was a gag "citation chain mail" e-mail going around a few years back that was riffing on how you could boost your citations via spurious references - looked a bit like this one : ... tter.html

Hard to be sure.

That said - whether or not the results are reproducible is the key thing; and there is what has been termed a reproducabilty crisis at the moment: ... ty-1.19970

It's up to you whether or not you want to try and reproduce their results, or wait to see what the authors come back with.

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