VSP Processing Need Help on Seismic Unix

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VSP Processing Need Help on Seismic Unix

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Hello Guys

I am trying to do Zero Offet VSP Processing on Seismic Unix. I am using a script for fundamental VSP processing steps. First, I am filtering out the downgoing wavefield. Then,I am picking arrivals, and make them write on a txt.file. After that, I am converting my time values (seconds) to milliseconds. Then, I am converting them from ASCII format to binary format. After this step, I am adding my time values to the traces by using sustatic to get flattened upgoing wavefield. At this step, however, I can't get right figure, which must be flattened upgoings. The image looks weird.

Can you guys help me with this issue? Where I am making a mistake?

I added the image and my script

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