Magnetic Anomaly

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Magnetic Anomaly

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I have to analyze this magnetic map, which is pretty much straight forward that there are some anomalies in the red areas. My question is why there are some dark bluish areas surrounding the red areas? why those areas are dark blue and not light blue like their surrounding environment? are those high magnetic areas affecting their surrounding to make those dark blue pattern? thanks for the answer :thumbup:
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Re: Magnetic Anomaly

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You may want to try an have a look at a profile through that anomaly in the upper right portion of your image, and depending on where your data was collected, if you have applied a pole reduction or equivalent. The more negative response at one side of the anomaly is typically produced due to a dipping magnetic structure and/or the presence of a less than vertical magnetic field of the earth. Here is an example of the many sources of information that could help you through this exercise: ... eosoft.pdf

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