Introducing the ER-QA-03E Ultra-thin Quartz Accelerometer

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Introducing the ER-QA-03E Ultra-thin Quartz Accelerometer

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Introducing the ER-QA-03E Ultra-thin Quartz Accelerometer

We are proud to unveil the ER-QA-03E Ultra-thin Quartz Accelerometer, a medium precision marvel characterized by its unique structural design and compact dimensions. Engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a spectrum of applications, this accelerometer stands out for its remarkable long-term stability, repeatability, and dynamic response capabilities.


Innovative Structural Design: The ER-QA-03E features a distinctive structural size (short) design, setting it apart from conventional accelerometers.
Linear Output Current: With its special circuitry, this accelerometer ensures a linear relationship between output current and force or acceleration, enabling users to achieve high precision output.
Temperature Compensation: Equipped with a built-in temperature sensor, the ER-QA-03E facilitates offset value and scale factor compensation, mitigating the effects of ambient temperature variations.

Dip Tests for Infrastructure: From bridges to dams, oil wells to coal mines, the ER-QA-03E excels in static and dynamic testing, making it an invaluable tool for assessing structural integrity and stability.
High-Speed Railway Control: With its exceptional vibration shock resistance and reliability, this accelerometer is ideal for ensuring the smooth operation and safety of high-speed railway systems.
Stability Control of Ships: In maritime environments, where stability is paramount, the ER-QA-03E offers precise monitoring capabilities to enhance ship stability and safety.

The ER-QA-03E Ultra-thin Quartz Accelerometer represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and robust engineering, poised to elevate performance standards across diverse industries. Experience unparalleled precision and reliability with this groundbreaking accelerometer. ... meter.html
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