Research on downhole north seeker

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Research on downhole north seeker

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North seeker is a kind of inertial measurement and inertial positioning system developed on the basis of inertial navigation system, which can be used in geodetic survey, map drawing, pipeline laying, oil drilling positioning, robot control and other large-scale measurement and accurate positioning. It not only has great potential for development, but also has broad space for development.

With the development of electronic technology, measurement and control technology and computer technology, the safety guarantee system for underground mine operations has been continuously integrated with the above technical fields. Among them, underground physical exploration of coal mines is an important task before mining. That is, when it is predicted in advance where gas may remain, the gas needs to be extracted from the gas layer in advance under the guidance of precise positioning to avoid safety accidents during the mining and excavation process. The traditional hole opening positioning method is the "fixed-point wire pulling method": use the initial coordinate point to draw a line to the exploration drilling position, and determine the mining azimuth angle through trigonometric functions; then determine the pitch angle through the vertical inclination angle measurement of the hole opening operation machine. The working conditions under the mine are harsh, the "fixed-point wire pulling method" is complicated and has low efficiency. At the same time, the highest accuracy index can only reach about 2°, so there is an urgent need to study alternative solutions.

The initial alignment mechanism of the inertial navigation algorithm is a better solution to replace the above problems. However, traditional high-precision azimuth angle solution and attitude maintenance require a combination of high-precision three-axis fiber optic gyroscope or laser gyroscope, which is expensive. According to the application environment and operating mechanism, this paper proposes a low-cost and high-performance three-axis fiber optic gyroscope north seeker, which balances function, performance and cost issues and solves the above problems.

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