Research on structure design of high-precision miniaturized north seeker

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Research on structure design of high-precision miniaturized north seeker

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The disadvantage of the traditional north seeker is the size and shape of the device, as well as the influence of the surrounding environment. Inertial navigation systems are based on inertial devices such as accelerometers, which are sensitive to linear acceleration, and gyroscopes, which are used to measure the angular velocity of objects. Inertial navigation is an autonomous type of navigation that is not affected by the external environment.

The development of high precision gyroscope and the improvement of gyroscope technology have introduced a new type of gyroscopic north seeker with higher precision, high speed response and more reliability than in difficult environments. Inertial navigation system is in an irreplaceable position, because it has a unique autonomous working ability, even if the GPS satellite navigation positioning system will have a challenge to the inertial navigation system. Gyroscopic north finding technology has become a key technology in modern weapon systems. Therefore, the research of gyroscopic north finding method has important application value in modern military and civil fields.

This paper intends to discuss with you the design and research of the structure of the high-precision miniaturized north seeker. The gyro north finder to be studied needs to be installed in a limited space and in a special environment of shock vibration. In the whole work need to take into account the impact vibration, so in the structural design to achieve high strength, high rigidity, light weight. Therefore, accurate positioning and compact construction are required, so the requirements for shape size, specific structural design and quality are very strict.

The full article can be seen: ... eeker.html
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