Radan 7 and Google Earth layer outoput

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Radan 7 and Google Earth layer outoput

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Hi All,
I don't know whether this is a Radan thing or a Google Earth thing! Perhaps someone can enlighten me....its the first time I've used this Radan / Google Earth output method.
I have several km of GPR rockhead profiles.
I have picked the rockhead interface in Radan using 2D interactive. This is the only layer and is layer 1.

Switching to the Google Earth ribbon in Radan I have chosen min/max depth and the colour scheme for depth intervals.
All output to kml files.

I notice that when there are no depths in a particular range Google Earth inserts a marker rather than a path into that particular layer.
As such the output is ambiguous as you can have a blank segment which might mean either no measurements in that range or where rockhead was indeterminate or beyond max range.
As its a marker I cannot edit the colours in GE.
Any ideas / work around or quite possibly, something I have missed?


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