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Syquest SBP

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:25 pm
by eyl
Does anyone have experience with the SyQuest SBPs: Stratabox, 3510 or 2010? What penetration should I expect in sand?

Re: Syquest SBP

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:50 pm

Could you better explicit your needs and application:
- What exactly are you looking for in sand ?
- What are your operational constraints in terms of water-depth, vessel size, etc ?
- How deep and what kind of vertical resolution do you require ?

To have an efficient penetration in sand you may look after a CHIRP sub-bottom profiler with at least a 2kVA power topside and an efficient acoustic frequency starting as low as <2kHz. You will get a penetration like tenths of meters in sand, generally as good or better than as a boomer's one while maintaining the high resolution even at full power.
Due to absorption in sand, you must be very careful to the low end of the acoustic bandwidth at -3dB. Most sub-bottom profilers market ultra-wide bandwidth (ex: 0.5-10kHz) but with no warranty of the output level all over. Keep in mind that what will give you the penetration is the low-end of the acoustic bandwidth, the wideband will then result in the resolution.

If you are limited in the equipment footprint onboard, you may look for a pole-mounted SBP (perfect positioning, no winch, etc.). There are compact and even portable ones that will deliver true low-frequency acoustics and good penetration in sand.