Top 10 Unusual Finds By Ground Penetrating Radar

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Top 10 Unusual Finds By Ground Penetrating Radar

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1) The Long-Lost Tomb of Ahuizotl

After a strong earthquake destroyed a Colonial Spanish building in 1985, archaeologists moved in with GPR to see what lay beneath. They managed to detect many underground chambers and the remains of Aztec emperor Ahuizotl. Ahuizotl ruled as emperor during Columbus' expedition into the New World. The finding was the first of it's kind in the area. Spanish conquerors were well known to construct their own buildings over the Aztec's settlement.

2) Lower Market and Shrine in Petra, Jordan

GPR revolutionized the archaeological dig in 2001 at Petra. Since there being no signs above ground of any historical significance, GPR was used to test the site. It found many different building structures, including a lower market, a shrine and a pavilion within an ancient garden. Due to the amazing finds thanks to GPR, an excavation was completed and the previously unknown architecture of the site was studied thoroughly.

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