Ground Geophysics Vs Airborne Geophysics

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Ground Geophysics Vs Airborne Geophysics

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Hello All ,

I am wondering about Airborne geophysics data compared to a EM-16 VLF Ground Geophysics Data .

I am a prospector and have done several Ground Geophysics surveys in areas where there has been airborne done , Such as Vtem surveys .
FYI , in these areas we are looking for sulphides . Nickel copper cobalt .

When doing a ground EM-16 survey grid over the main anomaly my Data does not show anything and did not match up with any Vtem data . But my data has shown a conductor in the North-west over a different area from the main anomaly .
We went with the airborne low resistivity drilled and very little sulphides .

Another totally different area same thing , Airborne was done, Based on the Geophysicist input we drilled and got very little sulphides
The ground EM-16 survey did not match up with the Airborne anomalies . My conductor was to the west of where the airborne had shown .

The thing I am asking has anyone else ever experienced this ? and what I am wondering why are both geophysical surveys not matching up .

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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