Void detection on a pier

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Void detection on a pier

Post by tomwilliam »

Good afternoon guys!
Hope you can help me out with the following data.
The survey was conducted on a pier with the RIS MF HI MOD (200 & 600Mhz antenna) with the objective to locate voids under the concrete.
I know void signatures may appear in different ways and not always show a ringing effect - and we are also looking for a negative response (black-white-black). The data collected with the 600Mhz antenna has only a 1.5m depth range while with the 200Mhz we get to 2.5m.

Could there be a void between:
X11.8 - X12.3 and Y 0.38 - Y1.3;
X32 - X55 and Y0.65 - Y1.2?

Best regards,

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Re: Void detection on a pier

Post by geophix »

Can not see the image.

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Re: Void detection on a pier

Post by gmradar »

Can you post the picture please?
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