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Application of gyroscope in directional measurement of long-distance subway tunnel

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2023 3:58 am
by hamousi
Orientation control is particularly important in the directional measurement of long-distance subway tunnels, and is a necessary condition to ensure the smooth penetration of the tunnel. The conventional directional measurement method is to use contact measurement or wire measurement to transmit the orientation. Inertial orientation has incomparable advantages that conventional measurement methods. This article proposes The north-seeker orientation was applied in the directional measurement of long-distance subway tunnels, which verified the effectiveness of the north-seeker in the directional measurement of long-distance cross-sea tunnels.
In order to improve the penetration accuracy of subway tunnels, many rail transit (subway) systems have recently introduced the highest. Accurate, gyroscopic north finder used for directional measurement in subway tunnels.In the construction measurement of subway tunnels, the measurement accuracy of the underground conductor control network is often related to the penetration of the tunnel.Error, high-precision penetration is very important for track engineering construction.
The gyro north finder is a measuring device that finds the true north value of a certain location. It is combined with known ground control points, which can provide precise direction values for underground conductor control points. Underground conductors are generally connected through shafts system survey introduces the coordinates of ground control points into the underground. Due to the limitation of shaft size, ultra-short while controlling the direction of tunnel excavation, the one-way excavation length is too long in some sections.
These conditions have laid hidden dangers for the smooth penetration of the subway tunnel. Therefore, small-sized north seekers are widely favored: for example, ... eeker.htmlER-MNS-06, with a size of only 44.84×38.88×21.39mm, can be applied to most excavation fields.
The ER-FNS-02 ... inder.html gyro north finder introduced this time is 1 to 3 times more accurate than traditional measurement, with an accuracy of 0.02° to 0.1°. In vertical shafts, the accuracy is more reliable and has greater improvement.
Technicians from the rail transit third-party measurement project tested the orientation accuracy of the gyro north finder when orienting the tunnel. Through on-site testing, it was found that its orientation accuracy was much higher than the accuracy requirements for the tunnel's lateral penetration error required by the specification. This new technology will be used in more rail transit construction.
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