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Selling a SBP Stratabox

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:41 am
by Blanchet
Stratabox 10Khz complete Sub Bottom Profiler in his resin case, with its stainless steel tube / plate for fixing the roof.

All theses items :
- The Pavillion (transducer).
- The stainless steel tube.
- The suitcase:
The electronic unit.
Connecting cables.
USB / DB9 adapter for connection to PC.
Power reducer for use in very shallow water.
Special cables for the connection with the Hypack software if necessary.
MOXA RS485 / RS232 converter box for various other configurations.

Equipment in perfect condition, works on Windows PC.
Data output in "proprietary" format (ODC) and in SEGY format usable by specific geophysical software.

Selling price of the set: 6.850 Euros VAT
Carring to be add.

Some examples of acquisitions :
Works over archaelogical wreck under sediment
Works over archaelogical wreck under sediment
Layers at the middle
Layers at the middle
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