Parameters of Quartz Accelerometers Used in Geological Exploration

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Parameters of Quartz Accelerometers Used in Geological Exploration

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Accelerometer is one of the most critical inertial instruments. Together with gyro, it forms the basis and core content of inertial technology. Its performance directly determines the accuracy of inertial system. Quartz flexible accelerometer, as an important instrument of inertial measurement, has the advantages of high precision, high long-term repeatability and suitable for micro acceleration measurement. It has been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, navigation, mining and drilling.

So How do the parameters affect the performance of the quartz accelerometer? We will take ER-QA-01A[ ... space.html] as an example to introduce important parameters of the quartz accelerometer.
Range and Resolution: The unit of the range is usually “g”. Ericco quartz accelerometer range is 20g, 50g, 80g, and so on. The range is inversely proportional to resolution. The wider the range, the smaller the resolution; Conversely, the narrower the range, the greater the resolution. The bigger the range, the better. You should choose the one that suits you best.

Bias repeatability: The typical tactical level accelerometer is 1.4 mg. The zero-bias repeatability of ER-QA-01A can reach 10μg, equivalent to 10^-3 of the tactical level, which can be used in Aerospace.

Scale factor: It refers to the value of electromagnetic torque current corresponding to unit gravitational acceleration. In theory, the scale factor is linear, but it is not so in practice and application. It has non-linear degree and positive and negative asymmetry. Therefore, important parameters, namely “scale factor repeatability” and “scale factor temperature coefficient”, are introduced into the performance index of accelerometer parameters. Its value directly reflects the application effect and navigation accuracy of the accelerometer, and is an important reference index of the performance of the accelerometer.

Scale factor repeatability: under the same conditions and within a specified interval, the consistency between the scale factors of the quartz accelerometer is repeatedly measured. Expressed as the ratio of the standard deviation of the scale factor obtained by each test to its mean value in ppm. ER-QA-01A has a scale factor repeatability of up to 10ppm, representing the advanced level of quartz accelerometers for civilian use.

Vibration: The larger the value, the better. The larger the value, the stronger the vibration. ER-QA-01 has a seismic capability of 8grms at 20-2000Hz.

Shock: ER-QA-01 is also great for shock resistance, reaching 120g, 4.5ms, 1/2 sin.

Operating temperature: The wider the temperature range, the more suitable for harsh environments. The temperature range of ER-QA-01A is -45-80℃. Ericco also has special quartz accelerometers resistant to high temperature: ER-QA-03D and ER-QA-03F, which are suitable for the lowest temperature can reach -55℃, and the highest can reach 180℃.

Size: Ericco’s three hot sale quartz accelerometers, with diameters of 25.4*30mm and 18.2*23mm, you can choose the right size according to your needs.

The accelerometer industry will be steadily driven by the growth of drones, intelligent robots, automatic navigation, smart cars, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. With the new technological update of the accelerometer product, the price of the accelerometer is also reduced, which further expands its market share and greatly improves the visibility of consumers. In the next few years, with the development of social science and technology, the accelerometer industry will usher in unprecedented prosperity. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the accelerometer industry is expected to achieve breakthrough progress and rapid development in the next few years.

If you still have questions about the parameters or would like more information about the Ericco quartz accelerometer, please feel free to contact us:
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