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Accelerometer Classification

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2023 3:59 am
by Junee
An accelerometer[] is a sensor that measures the motion of an object in terms of acceleration. The acceleration measured by the accelerometer includes the change of the speed of the general object (linear acceleration), the low-frequency shaking of the object, and the high-frequency vibration. Therefore, there are many kinds of accelerometers, from accelerometers that detect heavy static acceleration to 10KHz high-frequency response accelerometers. Generally referred to as "accelerometer", "acceleration sensor", etc.
There are many types of accelerometers:
According to the measurement quality of displacement, there are linear accelerometers (measuring the mass of line displacement) and pendulum accelerometers (detecting the rotation of mass around the support axis).
According to the material, silicon accelerometers quartz accelerometers and metal accelerometers, of which quartz accelerometers are the most widely used, it has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity and high stability, play the quartz material wear resistance, high temperature resistance characteristics make it popular in the field of aerospace and inertial navigation system. For example,ER-QA-03A[ ... space.html] not only achieves 10-50μg in zero-bias stability, but also achieves 10-30μg/g2 and 15-50 PPM in second-order nonlinearity and scale factor, respectively.
According to the composition of the measuring system, there are open loop type and closed loop type. The measuring system of open-loop accelerometer is open-loop, which is poor in anti-interference ability and accuracy. The closed-loop accelerometer has a compensatory system, strong anti-interference ability, high precision and large range. ER-QA-03B[ ... space.html] uses a closed-loop measurement system with zero bias stability of 10-30μg, scale factor and second-order nonlinearity of 15-50 PPM and 10-30μg/g2, respectively.
According to working principle, there are vibrating string type, vibrating beam type and pendulum type gyro accelerometer.
There are single-axis, two-axis and three-axis accelerometers, depending on the number of input axes.
According to the sensor components are classified into piezoelectric, piezoresistive and potentiometer.
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