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What is the use of Quartz Flexible Accelerometer

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:26 am
by Junee
Quartz flexible accelerometer[ ... elerometer],as the main type of accelerometer used to measure the acceleration of the carrier, is a very important inertial device. Although the trajectory of the object can be obtained by measuring the acceleration, speed or position in the navigation and positioning of various carriers, the quartz flexible accelerometer is of great significance for inertial navigation technology because only the acceleration can be measured inside the moving object.
The application of quartz flexible accelerometer is very wide, the following are some typical applications of it.
Inertial navigation and guidance system
Missiles, aircraft, ships, combat vehicles, and other navigation guidance systems must have speed and position information. In low-requirement situations, people use airspeed meters, Mach number sensors, odometers, but as the performance requirements of weapon systems Improve, the above instruments can no longer meet the requirements. The linear accelerometer can be installed in a moving object to measure its acceleration directly, and then obtain the speed and position. It has high measurement accuracy and good dynamic performance, which is much better than the air speed meter and odometer. Therefore, the use of linear accelerometers for inertial navigation guidance systems is one of its main applications.ER-QA-03A[ ... space.html] as an example,its bias repeatability is 10-50μg,scale factor repeatability is 15-50 ppm and class II non-linearity repeatability is10 to 30 mu g/g2.
Tilt measurement and leveling system
In a gravitational field, a linear accelerometer can measure changes in gravitational acceleration. When the sensitive axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the accelerometer indicates the unit gravity acceleration; if the sensitive axis is tilted, its output is the product of the gravity acceleration and the sine function of the tilt angle. Using this principle, it can be used for tilt measurement and leveling. For example, the leveling of fire control gun sight radar and anti-aircraft radar; in addition, the tilt angle is controlled by measuring the lateral acceleration of trains and cars so that they can still drive at high speeds on curves. For example,the bias stability of ER-MA-5[ ... eiver.html] is (1s standard deviation)(1σ)<20ug, and bias month repeatability is 200ug.
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