How to Improve Reliability of Tilt Sensors

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How to Improve Reliability of Tilt Sensors

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1. How to ensure the reliability index of the []tilt sensor[]
For the technical indicators and performance indicators of the tilt sensor, there are usually clear and quantitative index requirements, which can be directly measured and tested when the product leaves the factory. For reliability indicators, it is generally impossible to implement direct measurement and inspection, and it is necessary to carry out reliability design and control of the whole process of product development and production to ensure that the reliability indicators meet the requirements. We mainly discuss the reliability supervision and control, design and evaluation and test of tilt sensor in the development, production and use stage.

2. Reliability design
The development stage of inclinometer sensor can be divided into demonstration stage, scheme stage, development stage and finalize stage. According to the technical requirements of the tilt sensor, the MTBF task value θS of the sensor is determined in the demonstration stage, and the θS is preliminarily demonstrated according to the reliability level of the sensor product.
When the inclinometer sensor is in the project stage, it is necessary to design according to the tactical technical index of the inclination sensor and work out the functional block diagram of the sensor. According to the block diagram of tilt sensor, the internal logic relationship in the block diagram is analyzed, and the reliability block diagram of the newly developed inclination sensor is compiled. According to the reliability block diagram of the inclinometer sensor, the reliability indicators are assigned to each subsystem of the sensor, or the reliability indicators on the technical requirements are weighted, and the results after allocation must meet the reliability indicators of the whole system. After the reliability block diagram is prepared and the reliability index is assigned, the estimated reliability value θP is estimated for the components used in the hardware circuit. According to the obtained θP value, the part of the hardware circuit that affects the reliability of the sensor is designed and changed. At last, the functional block diagram, reliability block diagram, reliability distribution index and reliability predicted results prepared according to the technical requirements of the inclination sensor are reviewed periodically in order to improve the design of the defects that affect the reliability of the sensor. In the reliability design of the tilt sensor, the design needs to be considered as shown in Figure 1.
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