Features of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

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Features of Fiber Optic Gyroscope

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1.Characteristics of fiber optic gyro https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyr ... -gyroscope
Compared with electromechanical gyro or laser gyro, fiber optic gyro has the following characteristics:

(1) fewer parts, the instrument is firm and stable, and has a strong ability to resist impact and accelerate movement;
(2) The wound fiber is longer, so that the detection sensitivity and resolution are several orders of magnitude higher than that of the laser gyroscope;
(3) No mechanical transmission parts, no wear problems, so it has a long service life;
(4) Easy to use integrated optical path technology, signal stability, and can be directly digital output, and connected with the computer interface;
(5) By changing the length of the fiber or the number of times the light circulates in the coil, different accuracy can be achieved and a wide dynamic range can be achieved;
(6) The propagation time of the coherent beam is short, so in principle it can be started instantaneously without preheating;
(7) can be used with ring laser gyro to form sensors of various inertial navigation systems, especially sensors of strapdown inertial navigation systems;
(8) Simple structure, low price, small size, light weight.

2.Principle of fiber optic gyroscope
Fiber optic gyro is a fiber optic angular velocity sensor, which is the most promising one among all kinds of fiber optic sensors. Like ring laser gyro, fiber optic gyro has the advantages of no mechanical moving parts, no preheating time, insensitive acceleration, wide dynamic range, digital output and small size. In addition, fiber optic gyro also overcomes the fatal shortcomings of ring laser gyro such as high cost and blocking phenomenon. Therefore, fiber optic gyro has been paid attention to by many countries. Low precision civilian fiber optic gyro has been produced in small batch in Western Europe, it is estimated that in 1994, the sales of fiber optic gyro in the United States gyro market reached 49%, and the cable gyro fell to the second place (accounting for 35% of sales).

The working principle of fiber optic gyroscopes is based on the Sagnac effect. Sagnac effect is a general correlation effect of light propagated in a closed loop optical path rotating relative to inertial space, that is, two beams of light with equal characteristics emitted from the same light source in the same closed optical path propagate in opposite directions, and finally converge to the same detection point.

3.Application of fiber optic gyro
What if a car with a satellite navigation system is driving and suddenly can't receive GPS navigation signals? With the addition of a fiber optic gyroscope, it can form integrated navigation with GDS to achieve automatic driving.

Fiber optic gyro technology is based on mechanical gyro, MEMS gyro, laser gyro upgrade and development, with self-correcting, high sensitivity, long life, low temperature and high temperature resistance, no electromagnetic interference and many other advantages, is the best comprehensive performance of inertial sensors. Due to high cost, it is mainly used in military industry, aerospace and other fields.

Fiber optic gyro technology can be widely used in automotive navigation, high-speed rail track detection, Internet of Things components module, smart grid transmission, consumer electronics and many other fields, experts predict that the potential market size of domestic fiber optic gyro reached 100 billion, the next 5-10 years, most of China's traditional gyro market will be replaced by fiber optic gyro.

Ericco's fiber optic gyro is also a leading level in the world, ER-FOG-851 (≤0.05 ~ 0.1º/h), ER-FOG-910(0.02º/h) are a good choice, because they are medium precision, widely used, if you want to get more technical parameters, please feel free to contact us.
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