All About High Temperature Fluxgate Directional Assembly

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All About High Temperature Fluxgate Directional Assembly

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The fluxgate directional assembly consists of a three-axis accelerometer and a three-axis magnetometer. It is widely used in petroleum logging, directional drilling and surveying and mapping. It is mainly used to measure well angle, azimuth angle and tool face angle. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into static measurement and dynamic measurement, and according to the product form, it can be divided into wired fluxgate directional assembly and wireless fluxgate directional assembly. For oil logging, directional drilling and other fields, the working environment is mostly harsh and requires the ability to work in high-temperature environments. This article will focus on the high-temperature fluxgate directional assembly, which is a wireless directional component for static measurement.

Reliability of fluxgate directional components is puzzle to manufacturer. How to make it more reliable? Fluxgate directional assembly can do continuous work for more than 30hours without signal interrupt. It needs more work to test and improve for technicians.

Product name:
ER-OS-07H High Temperature Fluxgate Directional Assembly

Product introduction:
High Temperature Fluxgate Directional Assembly widely applied for cable borehole and MWD systems. Selecting high accuracy accelerometer sensors and fluxgate sensor, and adopting thick film integrated circuit technology for circuit, it can operate under 175℃. With small volume, compact structure, high vibration resistance, high reliability and good performance, it can be customized according to different demands.

Main technical parameters:
Working temperature: 0~175℃

Measurement accuracy: Inclination of ±0.1°; Azimuth of ±0.3°; Toolface of ±0.1°

Accurate measurement under strong vibration environment with 16g peak value (20Hz~100Hz)

Shock resistance 1000g, vibration resistance 20grms

Digital data transmission

With minimum size of Φ31mm×384mm (customized to different needs)

Product applications:
Directional drilling and geosteering


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