The Death of Petroleum Engineering… is an Exaggeration

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The Death of Petroleum Engineering… is an Exaggeration

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Despite the advances that renewable sources of energy can provide, the use of fossil fuels is not dead nor is the future for those working in the petroleum industry. However, the discipline is in transition like the industry itself.

If a recent article in the New York Times describing the plight of several disillusioned petroleum engineering (PE) students graduating this semester is any indication, Chicken Little might be right: The sky is falling. There are few offers or opportunities for new PE grads, the future for petroleum engineering looks murky, and the boom and bust cycle, common to the oil and gas industry, has been even more stark during COVID-19.

Although this is not the time to downplay or belittle honest concerns about one’s future in an industry that has had severe economic twists and turns over the years, a look at the facts shows a different picture.

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