Need help with seismic unix

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Need help with seismic unix

Post by abhash.kumar »

I have multiple CDP gathers that I generated using Seismic Unix. I need to find the x-coordinate of individual CDP points that are associated with each CDP gather. I tried to use "surange" function on the CDP gather and the output is shown below for one of the example file (for CDP=99). I am not sure how to calculate the x-coordinate of the CDP point for a specific CDP gather. Does that kind of information exist in the header values of the CDP gather? Is there any shortcut to extract that kind of information from the header values? I would really appreciate any suggestion in this regard.

Abhash Kumar

(base) abhashkumar@Abhashs-MBP Individual_CDP_Gathers % surange <
10 traces:
tracl 881 890 (881 - 890)
tracr 881 890 (881 - 890)
fldr 1 5 (5 - 1)
cdp 99
trid 1
offset -270 135 (-270 - 135)
sdepth 7
scalco 1
sx 850 1050 (1050 - 850)
gx 780 985 (780 - 985)
ns 2037
dt 982
d2 5.000000

Shot coordinate limits:
North(1050,0) South(1050,0) East(1050,0) West(850,0)

Receiver coordinate limits:
North(780,0) South(780,0) East(985,0) West(780,0)

Midpoint coordinate limits:
North(915,0) South(915,0) East(917.5,0) West(915,0)
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Re: Need help with seismic unix

Post by mithcell »

Check out this page: ... ing_method

You can use suchw to compute cdp location from the source/geophone locations, gx, gy, sx, sy.
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