elevation information.

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liath Fahad
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elevation information.

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Hi, suppose there is a seismic data without elevation information and it should be processed. what are the mine potential processing problems that could happen? are there any solutions that minimize the effect of the missing elevation information? in what seismic processing step the effect of them will be obvious?
note: the survey area have a gentle dip.

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Re: elevation information.

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The surface topography (ground level) will impose itself on the data - so a flat horizon in TWT will appear bumpy, if the ground is bumpy.
If there is gentle elevations this will still happen. You will see dome structures under hills - very bad if you are drilling for oil!

If you have the locations you can get the elevations. Get a map, digital map or digital terrain model and work it out.

It will be obvious in all the processing. The refactors will not be hyperbolic, the subsurface structure will try to copy the surface.

Residual statics will *try* to fix this - you smooth your stack to make a pilot - however this is very, very risky.
You are creating a solution that might look good, but is simply a result of smoothing the data.

I would be *very* cautious about *any* structural interpretation in this case.

I would *strongly* recommend making an effort to tray to work up at least some basic elevation information, to avoid your data being highly unreliable and creating false structures.

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