With what do we compare the PSDM results?

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With what do we compare the PSDM results?

Post by jefry123 »

I am working on Pre-stack Depth migration. As I know, depth imaging has some benefits over time imaging for example better imaging in complex areas, obtaining an interval velocity model and since its output is in depth domain, no need of time to depth conversion.

However, as in the term "better imaging", what do we compare to say that? Should we compare the PSDM and PSTM results in time domain or in depth domain?

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Re: With what do we compare the PSDM results?

Post by GuyM »

I generally convert the depth data back to TWT.
This is the "observed domain" of the seismic waves, after all.
That way you are only concerned with the imaging and focussing, not the depth conversion.

The "no need to do depth conversion" suggest that you have a depth model that is 100% accurate, everywhere, to the vertical resolution you need for drilling (etc) That might not be the case. How good are your anisotropic properties away from the well control, for example? Do the wells sample all of the formations at their thickest parts? So many unknowns. So - stick with time...

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