PSDM and PSTM mistie correction

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PSDM and PSTM mistie correction

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Hi you all,
I hope everything's fine with you.

I have some questions and hope you could help me with them.
- When we do PSTM and obtain our final Stack Sections, we try to correct misties between different lines and also with well data. right?

- When I do PSDM on the same CMP gathers used for PSTM, and use the migration interval velocity to scale depth stack section to time, I get the same result as PSTM stack section before mistie correction, is it OK?

- I incorporate anisotropy to correct PSDM stack section depth mismatch with the well, and use this anisotropic interval velocity (obtained by scaling isotropic interval velocity using Delta parameter) to scale anisotropic PSDM stack section to time, and again, I get the same result as PSTM section before correction. is it OK ?!

_ If it is OK, I should once correct misties between lines and the well data in depth domain (using anisotropy and bulk shifts) and once again in time domain after scaling them into time? If so, these corrected time sections could not back scaled to depth using the migration interval velocity!

Thank you all for your time and consideration.
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