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Hi All,

I am using
suwind key=cdp min=300 max=305 < L1.1_process/ |
sutaup dx=50 option=2 pmin=0.00 pmax=0.000676 np=120 fmin=5 |
supef minlag=0.2 maxlag=0.8 | susehw key1=cdp key2=cdpt a=2 b=10 | suximage perc=95

to view my data set in tau-p domain. I experience that the transform does not plot for individual cdps as expected.

Is there a way around this? I actually expected it to plot a tau-p transform for each CDP (6) and CDP-trace having 6 plots (tau-p transform plots) in a panel but it only would plot a single transform which appear as though the 6 are plotted each on the other.

I tired using SUSEHW to correct this which did not yield any results.

I aim to stack my dataset in the tau-p domain after SUTAUPNMO or elliptical move-out.


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