Anisotripic pre-stack time migration

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Anisotripic pre-stack time migration

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I would like to know the difference between "anisotropic PSTM" and "curved-ray PSTM". Is there any difference between these two?

In anisotropic PSDM, the interval velocity field is updated using the delta value, do we update RMS velocity in anisotropic PSTM or only PSTM gathers are flatten (since we only have eta value (if I am right))?

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Re: Anisotripic pre-stack time migration

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In terms of PreSTM, its a bit either/or.

There are both curved ray PreSTM's and true anisotropic ones that use a V(RMS) field and an anisotropic field (V(h) or Eta)

I've not done a lot of side-by-side benchmarking...

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