does anybody use CGM plots anymore?

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does anybody use CGM plots anymore?

Post by Michael_Seman »

I gather paper plots have have dwindled away - I have seen quite a few plotters in rubbish skips the last few years. Recently I tried demo versions of two programs which are supposed to support CGM*PIP format (used for seismic data). One of them worked properly, but the other didn't. I guess it is such a small market, they won't assign a programmer to fix it up. I noticed that the specs for basic CGM alone runs to 449 pages, and is out of print anyway if you wanted to work with it.
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Re: does anybody use CGM plots anymore?

Post by GuyM »

It's seems not.

The convenience of an interpretation workstation seems to outweigh the value you could get from a 1:25,000, 10cm/second scale hardcopy, especially of a very long regional line. Personally I liked zoom and spatial filtering functions of paper (standing back, or getting close to the plot and looking along it from one end) :-)

I did post a minor rant about this half a decade ago;

: ... uy-maslen/

Some packages still do paper plots (although not all use CGM, which is a pain as you say), but you don't see a group of geophysicists cluster round a 6 or 7 metre long seismic section kicked out across the floor anymore, like you once did.
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