Choose a Triaxial Q-Flex Accelerometer for Your Project

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Choose a Triaxial Q-Flex Accelerometer for Your Project

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Choose a Triaxial Q-Flex Accelerometer for Your Project

The differences between a triaxial quartz flexible accelerometer and a uniaxial quartz flexible accelerometer primarily revolve around the number of axes they can measure, their application scope, and the complexity of the data they provide.

Single-axis quartz accelerometers are commonly found in the market. These devices measure acceleration in only one direction (X, Y, or Z axis) and are ideal for applications needing specific directional acceleration monitoring. In contrast, triaxial quartz accelerometers are essential for multidimensional motion analysis in fields like aerospace, marine, automotive, earthquake monitoring, and complex mechanical systems. They provide comprehensive data for precision navigation, attitude control, motion capture, and 3D spatial analysis.

The ER-3QA-02D High Precision Three Axis Quartz Accelerometer is a high-precision device consisting of three A15 acceleration sensors, a 24-bit high precision A/D converter, a 16-bit ultra-low power microcontroller, and a mechanical structure. It features digital output, high precision, temperature compensation, and low power consumption, making it suitable for a wide range of advanced applications.

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