Research on Anti-environmental Interference of North Finder

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Research on Anti-environmental Interference of North Finder

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The strap-down’s inertial measurement unit consists of a fiber optic gyroscope and an accelerometer, which are used to measure the earth's rotation angular velocity and gravity acceleration components respectively, thereby determining the azimuth angle and attitude angle of the carrier.

During the use of the strap-down north finder, the angular velocity of the interference to the gyro must also be a small amount. However, in the actual use of the north finder, it will be affected by high-frequency interference caused by vehicle engines, low-frequency interference caused by gusts of wind, near-constant interference caused by foundation settlement, and interference from vibrations such as people walking and passing vehicles. The magnitude of these angular velocity interference ranges from 1°/h to 10°/h, which is much larger than the allowable error of 0.01°/h. Therefore, some measure must be taken to separate the angular velocity interference from the gyro output. The low-pass filtering method is usually used to filter out the influence of interference signals. Experiments have shown that this method is effective in some cases. However, when the spectrum of the useful signal and the interference signal overlap significantly, the filtering effect is not obvious, and the north-finding accuracy cannot meet the target. requirements, in addition to establishing a dynamic model of the system, the Kalman filter method can also improve the system accuracy. However, it is difficult to establish a dynamic model of the interference signal. This method has great difficulties in application. This article uses measuring the size of the angular velocity interference to Improve north seeking accuracy.

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