F-K spectrum

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F-K spectrum

Post by yasin » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I am working on attenuating a noise that i could not figure out what that is. I am using f-k filter to eliminate the noise but i get stuck with parameters.I mean , when I choose some parameters, in the results, some artifacts are shown on the section. I will add some figures below.I am not sure to determine the parameters which are correct. Could you please help me for that situation.

In the figure, I try to eliminate the noise which is shown by 2.

Thank you.


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Re: F-K spectrum

Post by GuyM » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:14 pm

No Image? Can you resend?

As general advice I'd say :

a) FK domain filters are less effective than FK domain muting, where you can pick out a specific part of the FK spectum to mute with appropriate tapers; software that has an interactive "pick and test apply" tool helps ;-)

b) random noise is "while" in both the time and space domain. If you FK filter random noise, you will get artefacts

c) spatial aliasing of dipping linear noise is common; if the FK spectum "wraps around" then dip limits won't help - you need a mute. ideally use soem kind of interpolation to address spatial aliasing

d) strong amplitudes and spikes create FK artefacts; use a removable median (robust AGC) to avoid this: AGC -> FK Filtre or mute -> UNAGC

Some discussion and a marine example here : http://seismicreflections.globeclaritas.com/2013/06/

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